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White River Gardens Tulip Garden

White River Gardens

Written by Julie Greiner
A stunningly beautiful 3.3 acre landmark botanical attraction in almost the center of Indianapolis, that combines the best of gardening ideas, plant information and inspiring landscape design. Whether enjoying a spectacular exhibit in the glass-enclosed Hilbert Conservatory, collecting plant information in the Dick Crum Resource
Center, learning the principles of garden design from the Polly Horton Hix Design Garden or strolling through the one and a half miles of flowered pathways in the DeHaan Tiergarten, you will be inspired, impressed, enlivened and entertained.

Sister Institute to Indianapolis Zoo

The main rotunda entrance is very much like a silo in shape. A stunning 360-degree mural that celebrating gardening in the Midwest makes this unique building one of the most interesting spaces in the city. Likewise, the 5,000 square foot glass conservatory is reminiscent of a barnWhite River Gardens Views for Young People structure with its steeply pitched rooflines. The beautiful dining facility has an interesting shape that resembles an old wooden corncrib. Funded by donations and grants, the $14+ million plus project broke ground in 1997 and opened on June 13, 1999. White River Gardens includes a glass-enclosed conservatory; outdoor design gardens; water garden; a wedding garden for ceremonies and receptions; a resource center; a gift shop; one and a half miles of winding paths and walkways; and an indoor/outdoor dining facility with
a dramatic view of the downtown skyline and the riverfront.

Agrarian Roots

Celebrating the roots of gardening in Indiana, the glass-enclosed Hilbert Conservatory is the site of four to five seasonal shows per year. The Conservatory is 5,000 square feet in area and 65 feet in height and it includes a 12-foot high mezzanine level. Nearly on an axis with the Arts Garden, the Conservatory is an architectural complement to the downtown arts venue. At nightfall, the Conservatory's barn-like profit is even more dramatic. Highlighted against the dark sky, its heavy steel beams create a skeletal White River Gardens Garden Entranceimage glowing from within like a beacon in the night.

Hilbert Conservatory

The outside gardens in their entirety are named for the DeHaan Family Foundation, which provided funds for their completion. The name "Tiergarten" (animal park) honors the origins of the DeHaan family, as well as the sister relationship of the Gardens to the Zoo. The outdoor gardens are composed of five distinctive elements: design gardens, a shade garden, a sun garden with meandering trails and a stream, a water garden and a wedding garden.

The Gardens

From the design, sun and shade gardens - visitors are able to walk through tall hedges into the water garden. Reflecting from the tranquil pools they surround, colorful flowers are planted throughout this space and aquatic White River Gardens Entrance to Greenhousegardening ideas are presented in the pools. Located on the eastern side of the main building, the Riverhouse overlooks White River and with its large, expansive windows, offers a truly spectacular view of the Indianapolis skyline. White River Gardens in spirit belongs to the living creatures and plants that nhabit it. In one sense, it is an enchanted place where all is not as it seems to be. Clues as to the identity and friendly nature of the garden inhabitants lie hidden within its infrastructure, its plantings and furnishings awaiting discovery by the visitor. For more information call: (317) 630-2001.
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